Simply sign up to Call07755India (there’s now a small charge, paid via your regular Three mobile bill) to start using your inclusive minutes to call India!

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Yes please, I would like to buy a Call07755India bundle for this month only for just £5. Click here! Yes please, I would like to subscribe to a Call07755India bundle each month for just £5/month. Click here!

Problems accessing this service? You may have a premium bar / cap restricting your Three contract. This can be removed by logging on to your Three account or via your Three app.
Alternatively, call 333 from your Three mobile and follow the steps below to speak to Three customer services:

  • Step 1: select option 4 - for more options on the number you are calling from
  • Step 2: select option 4 - from the new menu for any other queries
  • Step 3: select option 4 again to get put through to the customer service team

How to call India from Three?

step 1 Buy or subscribe to the Call07755India bundle
step 2 You receive a text message on your mobile to confirm your purchase
step 3 Once confirmed, call our access code 07755 519191, then your full international number

Access to Call07755India service is available on a payment of £5 per month. India service is subject to fair usage policy and will allow usage for up to 1500 mins per pack, per month. For more details, visit check out the FAQs and T&Cs section